Education, Insight, and Storytelling: And Introduction to 16:1 Podcast

An introduction to our semi-monthly podcast for educators, learners, and the perpetually curious.

16:1 is Moonbeam Multimedia’s first and flagship podcast about education, teaching, and learning. 16:1 has regularly published a new show every other week since its start in early 2020. Through researched, conversational episodes, co-hosts Chelsea Adams and Katie Day share targeted (and occasionally humorous) insights about:

Creative Pedagogies: Innovative teaching methods, encouraging creativity & critical thinking, engaging students from diverse backgrounds, and more.

Innovative Educators: Interviews and conversations with leading experts in educational policy, leadership, and praxis.

Technological Frontiers in Education: Exploring the latest in educational technology (artificial intelligence, digital pedagogy, edutainment, and more).

History Philosophy, & Psychology of Education: Tracing the historical roots of modern pedagogies, and the philosophers and psychologists who have shaped formal and informal educational practices and institutions.

Spotlight on Literacy: Educational reads & book discussions, library news, the evolving discussion of censorship in academic environments, and America’s literacy crisis.

World Education News & Headlines: Timely updates on the latest education news items and headlines from around the world.

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