Who We Serve


Organizations & Institutions

We work with libraries & their patrons, schools & their learners, NGOs & their communities, local governments, and more.

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We empower enterprises, startups, and local businesses for social impact through technology and research.

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Funders & Investors

We partner with visionary funders and investors to drive impactful research and development for social betterment.

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Why social impact?

Social impact organizations should be empowered with cutting-edge tools to engage their constituents, realize their institutional needs, and navigate complex civic challenges. Together with visionary enterprises, investors, startups, and organizations, we are on a mission to put technology to work for the people and to help tomorrow's leaders approach complex social challenges with powerful tools, data, and resources.

We need to better understand the impact of technology on community and civic life. Technology has reshaped the way we connect, communicate, and engage with the world. Moonbeam Multimedia is at the forefront of understanding the profound impact these technologies have on social life. We recognize that to leverage these transformative technologies effectively, our community partners need domain expertise from trusted technology and communications experts.

Due to the rapid evolution of communication and social technology, we are faced with novel challenges to our social, political, and economic networks. We are in the midst of an epidemic of loneliness; disinformation threatens the integrity of democratic processes; the rise of machine learning is introducing new complications to our systems of governance, communication, and education. We’re a team of curious researchers, educators, designers, and developers who are strongly motivated by the work of addressing these stubborn and complex social challenges.

Our commitment to social impact is rooted in our belief in the profound impact of connected, engaged communities. We understand that building strong community engagement is essential for driving lasting change. While technology plays a significant role in modern social life, our primary focus is on empowering people to think, work, and talk in community. By strengthening the social fabric, we empower citizens to address multidimensional civic concerns with confidence.

Our clients are:

Libraries and Educational Institutions Community Development Organizations Environmental Initiatives Social Enterprises Non-Governmental Organizations Technology Startups Philanthropic Foundations Government Agencies Media and Communications Companies Arts and Culture Institutions

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