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Moonbeam Multimedia

Moonbeam Multimedia crafts high-quality digital media productions that educate, entertain, delight, and inspire. Based in central Ohio and engaging thousands of people around the world.

Our Mission

Empowering a global community through storytelling

The last decade of experimentation with online media has created a new set of socio-political and economic divides. We believe that the work of bridging these divides must happen at the intersection of education and technology, and that is where our media projects take shape. Our mission is to craft high-quality digital media productions that inspire a global community of individuals and organizations to invest deeply in the questions of how we should learn and live together in an increasingly connected world.

Our Work
  • Sparking Curiosity

    16:1 Podcast

    Our first* and flagship podcast. 16:1 is a show about education, teaching, and learning.

    • Episode Air Dates:

      January 10th, 2020 - Present

    • Release Schedule

      Every other week

    • Podcast Style

      Conversational; 2 co-hosts with occasional guest appearances

    • Episode Length

      Approx. 45 mins

    Learn More

    *Stay tuned; more projects in development.


Meet the Team

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    Chelsea Adams


    Chelsea Adams is a software architect, podcast producer, and digital creative.

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    Katie Day


    Katie Day is a veteran public school educator (English Language Arts) and researcher.

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