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Moonbeam Multimedia is a research and development company that excels in the craft and strategy of social impact. Our work empowers people to connect authentically and take on complex social challenges with powerful tools, data, and resources. We deliver insights and technology approaches to visionary organizations, enterprises, and educational institutions.

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What is social impact?

Social impact is about making meaningful change in our communities by addressing critical social challenges. Moonbeam Multimedia focuses exclusively on leveraging our expertise in technology and education to equip communities for positive change.

Empowering Libraries
We help libraries integrate digital services, enhance community engagement, and improve information accessibility through cutting-edge research and technological solutions.
Elevating School Districts
We provide comprehensive educational research, digital tools, and strategic planning services to optimize school operations, develop effective curricula, and engage learners of all ages.
Supporting Local Governments
We deliver data-driven insights and community engagement strategies to improve public services, enhance quality of life, and promote sustainable development for more resilient communities.
Advancing Social Impact Startups
We offer mentorship, research support, technical and engineering expertise, and strategic guidance to help social impact startups refine and scale their solutions, attract investment, and achieve sustainable growth.
Assisting Funders
We provide robust evaluation frameworks, impact assessment tools, and strategic advisory services to help funders maximize the effectiveness of their social impact investments.
Strengthening Nonprofits and NGOs
Our research-driven approach and digital solutions enable nonprofits to amplify their missions, secure funding, and engage with their communities more effectively.

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